World Paintball Day
Held on the fourth Sunday in June every year.

Sunday, June 23*

43 years ago the very first paintball game ever was played!!

The date for World Paintball Day is to honor the very first
paintball game ever played. It was held on the forth
weekend in June 1981 in Henniker, New Hampshire.

World Paintball Day is a grassroots effort to
attract new players to paintball. This is a chance for
paintball companies to offer specials for new players
to come out and try paintball. What is offered is up to each
company. From food, discounts, to free entries and/or rentals.
Together we can help paintball grow.

We are asking field operators around the world to offer
some kind of special / event on World Paintball Day.
Players should bring someone new out to try paintball on WPD.

It does not matter where you play, just that you play.

Lets show the World how great this game is!

Contact your local paintball company
and ask if they are offering specials for
"World Paintball Day"
Sunday, June 23, 2024

Play Safe!


World Paintball Day - Paintball Players for the love of the game